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  1. Apr 10 2014

    The International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management (ICCTIM2014)

    Computer Graphics, Network Systems and Devices, Encryption and Cryptography, Telecommunications, Network Management Techniques, Data mining, Network Modeling an

    The International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management (ICCTIM2014) aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications. The proposed conference on the above theme will be held at Islamic…

  2. Apr 07 2014

    Translating Innovations in Diabetes Drug Development

    Fostering innovative clinical efforts to drive better diabetes treatment and management

    The global diabetes market is projected to double from $32bn to $64bn over the next 15 years as a result of changing demographics and new therapies entering the clinic. Now at epidemic levels, diabetes will affect eight percent of the world’s…

  3. Apr 07 2014

    Sub-Advised Funds Forum

    Optimizing Returns via Successful Relationships and Strategies in Sub-Advised Funds

    Financial Research Associates’ 17th Sub-Advised Funds Forum focuses solely on achieving astonishing success within the sub-advised industry. Whether you're an advisor, sub-advisor or fund sponsor, you'll get great insight on how to develop,…

  4. Apr 02 2014

    2nd Annual R&D Process Excellence Conference

    Align R&D with the Company’s Business Strategy to Maximise Efficiency and Profitability

    Major EU-based firms continue to rely on R&D for their competitive edge. However, investment by itself does not do the trick. In order to secure ROI, the companies need to ensure they make optimal use of the available resources. On top of that…

  5. Mar 25 2014

    PAT and Quality by Design 2014

    Maximise Cost Efficiency, Improve Quality and Ensure Regulatory Compliance.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Venue: IQPC
    Industries: Manufacturing, Management

    With QbD becoming a normal integrated part of most companies these days, it is important not to be left behind. Understanding regulatory requirements, PAT data and what will drive companies to have a cost efficient QbD process are all key.…

  6. Mar 25 2014

    Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class

    Meeting Investor Demand for Heightened Research, Analysis and Operational Excellence

    Financial Research Associates’ Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class will feature seasoned investors, fund managers and prominent industry leaders who can detail their approaches to today’s intricate due diligence challenges.

  7. Mar 26 2014

    While navigating through life, Natalie Ekberg has visited many countries – Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Russia, Portugal, UK – and experienced several career paths. Throughout her journey Natalie has even managed to make…

  8. Mar 16 2014

    IABE 2014 Orlando Winter Conference - International Academy of Business and Economics

    The theme of this conference is "Research / Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics"

    We invite papers, abstracts, or cases on topics related to research, practice, and teaching in all subject areas of Business Administration, Economics, E-Business, Public Administration, Healthcare Administration, and related subjects areas.…

  9. Mar 14 2014

    The Second International Symposium on Management and Social Science (ISMSS) aims to provide a forum to exchange ideas about the latest business innovation developments in the field of Economics and different areas of Social Sciences. This is…

  10. Mar 13 2014

    QSP Summit 2014 – The Multichannel Opportunity

    QSP Summit -an International Conference which is a reference event in the marketing area in Europe

    The QSP Summit - International Conference has been asserting itself as a reference event in the marketing area in Europe. With six editions QSP Summit is an important thinking moment for CMO´s, CEO´s, entrepreneurs, managers, marketing, advertising…

  11. Mar 12 2014

    The 7th Annual National EA & PA Convention

    The demanding role of executive and personal assistants has rapidly changed over recent years. This event will help you develop the executive management skills
    In Sydney (Australia)
    Industry: Management

    Optimise your value & exercise influence The demanding role of executive and personal assistants has rapidly changed over recent years, now requiring a much broader skill-set to handle increased responsibilities and tasks. This event will help…

  12. Mar 05 2014

    Counterparty Risk: Funding and Discounting CVA and FVA

    This course is essential for institutions that are keen to improve their knowledge in the key areas of modelling, managing and hedging counterparty risk
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industries: Business, Management

    This course is essential for institutions that are keen to improve their knowledge in this key area and those who are ambitious to establish or improve their own CVA and FVA analytics and trading function. The course is also suitable for individuals…

  13. Feb 27 2014

    CANCELLED: VaR and Alternative Metrics: Risk Models, Regulation and Governance

    This brand new seminar assesses the strengths and weaknesses of existing market risk frameworks in the banking industry.
    In New York, NY (United States)
    Industry: Management

    This brand new seminar assesses the strengths and weaknesses of existing market risk frameworks in the banking industry, and debating the measures regulators intend banks to implement in their stead. This two day event will comprehensively…

  14. Feb 24 2014

    Musteri Deneyimi Yonetimi Turkiye/Customer Experienece Management Turkey

    Kazandiran bir musteri deneyim yonetimi sistemi gelistirmek and Developing a winning CEM framework
    In Istanbul (Turkey)
    Industry: Management

    Rekabette one gecmek icin artik sadece iyi bir urun ya da kaliteli bir hizmet sunmak yeterli degil. gunumuzde musteriler verdikleri paranin karsiliginda tatmin edici bir deneyim yasamak istiyor ve bu deneyimi kendilerine sunabilen markalari…

  15. Feb 25 2014

    VaR and Alternative Metrics

    This course will comprehensively cover the objectives, theoretical justifications, and practical implications
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Management

    The Fundamental Review is introducing a raft of new requirements, ranging from desk level approval of market risk models to the treatment of market illiquidity in the modelling process. Risk has arranged for leading regulators from the Trading…

  16. Feb 24 2014

    11th Annual Shutdowns and Turnarounds Summit

    Leading the Way in Shutdown Strategies - From Planning to Execution.
    In Aberdeen (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Management

    The 2014 summit will be focusing upon the key areas that contribute to successful and efficient turnarounds, with dedicated sessions focusing upon scope management, contractor management, planning and scheduling, cost control, as well as on…

  17. Feb 20 2014

    RORO Shipping Conference

    Strategic solutions for maximising RoRo's market share and meeting the 2015 SOx targets
    In Goteborg (Sweden)
    Industry: Management

    NEW FOR 2014 Hear from leading RoRo operators Gain valuable operational insights to inform your decisions regarding 2015 solutions, market opportunities and trade routes: oShip Operator Panel including representatives from: Stena Line, Mitsui…

  18. Feb 19 2014

    Accounts Payable & Purchasing Processes Summit China 2014

    Enhancing your competitive edge through process optimization, value-added services, successful people management and advanced technology
    In Shanghai (China)
    Industry: Management

    Many Chinese companies are looking to increase efficiency of purchase-to-pay processes. This can only be done through seamless collaborations between the accounts payable, procurement and logistics departments and moving the current paper invoicing…

  19. Feb 18 2014

    SAP Conference for Environment, Health, and Safety Management 2014

    Join T.A. Cook and SAP, at the unique SAP Conference for Environment, Health, and Safety Management, taking place in Houston, TX on February 18-19, 2014.
    In Houston, TX (United States)
    Industries: Business, Management

    Packed with expert SAP solution insight and customer case studies, at this event you will discover how your organization can leverage SAP’s integrated solutions to optimize EHS management by reducing risk and cost, assuring compliance, and…

  20. Feb 08 2014

    PMP Certification Training Pune (4 days)

    Get Coached in PMP = reduced study efforts, best-in-class guidance, low fees!
    In Pune (India)
    Industry: Management

    Project Management Certification PMP Workshop will be held in Pune for 4 days, 35 hours, to enable participants to appear for their PMP Exam. Package includes: - 4 full days of classroom based training delivered by PMP® Certified Trainer having…


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