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  1. Apr 07 2014

    Practical Geostatistics & Mineral Resource Estimation Master Class

    A comprehensive & up to date training course that will prepare and equip you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to accurately estimate mineral resouces
    In Accra (Ghana)
    Industry: Mining

    Mineral Resources and their subsequent conversion to Ore Reserves are of key importance to mining companies. Their reliable estimation is critical to both the confidence in a feasibility study, and also to the day-to-day operation of a mine.…

  2. Apr 09 2014

    2nd Annual Global Conflict Minerals Compliance and Supply Chain Due-Diligence

    Build an Efficient Compliance Programme to Engage With Your Suppliers and Achieve a Transparent Supply Chain With The Minimal Time and Fiscal Resources

    Companies worldwide are already under pressure to declare the use of conflict minerals by the U.S. laws, human rights campaigns, the OECD as well as their customers. The European Commission (EU) is expected to propose legislation by the end…

  3. Apr 07 2014

    The west African mining sector is an area with high risks but high rewards. Investor interest in high grade commodities like gold and iron ore continues to exist and investors see the region as one of the few major frontier markets left globally.…

  4. Apr 07 2014

    West Africa Mining Investment Summit 2014

    Investing in West African gold and iron ore mining: overcoming risks and maximising investment returns.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industries: Business, Mining

    Why should you attend? - Understand the changes in mining finance, investment and to what extent changes West Africa will remain competitive – what does this mean for your project? - Assess the opportunities for JVs with Chinese companies in…

  5. Apr 02 2014

    Cash Flow Evaluations for Mineral Projects and Operations

    Develop a working cash flow evaluation model, step-by-step

    During this 2-day course, participants will become familiar with the concepts of a cash flow and discounted cash flow (DCF), as well as their application to mineral projects. The course is structured as an interactive working session, in which…

  6. Apr 02 2014

    Mineral Resource Estimation

    Detailed methodology of various resource/reserve estimation methods that are in common use in the mining industry

    The mineral inventory of a mining or exploration company is quantified as resource/reserve estimates with associated error levels that, in many cases, are unknown. Consequently, the estimation procedure should incorporate efforts to minimize…

  7. Apr 01 2014

    Exploration, Mining and Processing Fundamentals

    THE Essential Techno-Commercial Introduction to Mining.
    In Brisbane (Australia)
    Industries: Energy and Power, Mining

    Build your knowledge and confidence in the mining business lifecycle and its technical jargon by examining its technical and commercial components spanning exploration, geology, mining methods, production and processing. Key Learning Outcomes…

  8. Mar 31 2014

    Analysis of Mining Financials

    Interpreting the financial statements of a mining company

    This course will enable you to develop an awareness of the relevant financial information you can discover about a mining corporation from its audited financial statements. You will also have an appreciation for how accountants are challenged…

  9. Mar 31 2014

    Quality Control of Assays

    Learn the Qualified Person is able to meet the assay quality requirements of NI43-101
    In Toronto (Canada)
    Industry: Mining

    In recent years there has been a strong international movement toward knowing and improving the quality of information used in the Mining Industry for resource/reserve estimation. In Canada, this culminated recently with the implementation…

  10. Mar 28 2014

    Mineral Property Valuation

    Understand the fundamentals of mineral property valuation

    This course examines the various approaches and methods of developing valuations for mineral properties and projects as well as mining companies. International standards are reviewed and the Canadian CIMVAL standard is discussed in more detail.…

  11. Mar 27 2014

    Iron Ore Beneficiation and Processing Fundamentals

    A Technical Introduction for Investors & Industry Newcomers.
    In Perth (Australia)
    Industries: Mining, Energy and Power

    Learn about the properties of hematite & magnetite, their processing requirements, & what makes them a saleable iron ore thats of market quality & meets customer requirement. Key Learning Outcomes Appreciate the formation of iron ores and how…

  12. Mar 25 2014

    Coal Botswana 2014

    Conference will provide you with ideal platform to discuss vital issues transforming this dynamic sector and meet with the regions key decision makers driving.

    Off the back of our successful Coal Botswana 2013 event, supported by the Botswana Chamber of Mines and endorsed by the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Waters Resources, Botswana Mining IQ is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Coal Botswana…

  13. Mar 25 2014

    For the first time in Canada, the Artificial Lift And Production Optimization Canada 2014 Congress will bring together experts from the WCSB to deliver a 2 day summit focused entirely on production optimization for producers operating in the…

  14. Mar 24 2014

    Deep Sea Mining Summit

    The Deep Sea Mining Summit 2014 will bring leading experts from throughout the value chain to debate upon the problems and discuss solutions.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Mining

    The growing global demand for minerals and rare earth elements in the recent years, coupled with declining resources on land has got stakeholders interested from across the world to explore the lucrative mineral resources beneath the surface…

  15. Mar 24 2014

    Iron Ore Industry and Market Fundamentals Masterclass

    The Masterclass Covering all things Iron Ore.
    In Perth (Australia)
    Industries: Energy and Power, Mining

    Dont miss this opportunity to build your understanding of the iron ore industry _ this comprehensive course examines it all _ its drivers & developments, its geology, geography, the industry structure, processes, markets, pricing & future developments…

  16. Mar 17 2014

    The Deep Sea Mining Summit 2014

    The premier international forum for deep sea mining professionals. To secure your place @ the Deep Sea Mining Summit 2014.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Mining

    As we move into an era of mining the deep-ocean floor, the world's most remote and least understood environment, mining companies are working on overcoming the perceived challenges and developing island nations are watching with interest. As…

  17. Mar 17 2014

    Iron Ore Beneficiation Africa

    A must attend event for engineers, geologists, metallurgists, technology leaders and business support managers and those working in the mining & steel industry.
    In Johannesburg (South Africa)
    Industry: Mining

    The inaugural Iron Ore Beneficiation Africa Conference has been announced to take place on the 17-18 March 2014 at the Indaba Hotel & Conference Centre in Johannesburg. Following the continuing success of IMMs Africa Iron Ore conference held…

  18. Mar 13 2014

    Great Rift Valley Mining Summit II

    The best option for expanding your mining business in East Africa
    In Lusaka (Zambia)
    Industry: Mining

    In cooperation with Hon. Christopher YALUMA, the Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development of the Republic of Zambia, Entico Events are pleased to announce the second edition of the Great Rift Valley Mining Summit, to take place in Lusaka,…

  19. Mar 11 2014

    Global Iron Ore and Steel Forecast Conference 2014

    The annual AJM Global Iron Ore and Steel Conference is the world's largest gathering of iron ore and steel executives.

    The Global Iron Ore and Steel Conference always attracts the most respected market experts from across the world, who give their views and opinions into the industry opportunities, challenges and threats. The program for 2014 will be the industrys…

  20. Mar 02 2014

    PDAC 2014 International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange

    Where the world's mining industry meets
    In Toronto (Canada)
    Industry: Mining

    Since its inception in 1932, the annual convention of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) has been a gathering place for people and companies involved in the search for and the development of new mineral deposits. Over…


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