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  1. Aug 12 2014

    The implementation of the Omnibus HIPAA Rules in 2014 vastly increased the scope and depth of the rules required for all Business Associates (BA) and their Subcontractors must follow. The documentation needed to be HIPAA compliant has evolved…

  2. Aug 07 2014

    Webinar On The Quality System Regulation: FDA’s Medical Device GMP

    must attend for those personnel that require an understanding of the regulation governing FDA’s Medical Device manufacturing operations.

    This webinar is a must attend for those personnel that require an understanding of the regulation governing FDA’s Medical Device manufacturing operations. FDA’s regulates the manufacture of Medical Devices under the Quality System Regulation…

  3. Jul 23 2014

    London International Youth Science Forum

    LIYSF is a two week residential event held at Imperial College London, with lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to research centres.
    In London (United Kingdom)

    The two week residential forum attracts over 350 of the world's leading young scientists, aged 17-21 years old, from more than 60 participating countries. We welcome students selected by their University to attend LIYSF that are identified…

  4. Aug 05 2014

    Asia’s pharma market is already worth more than $200 billion and is expected to grow exponentially each year going forward. The population in Asia is over 4 billion and the Asian middle class is growing very quickly. Due to factors such as…

  5. Jul 30 2014

    7th Product & Pipeline Enhancement for Generics

    Strengthening Portfolios through Enriched Quality and Compliance Efforts to Overcome Regulatory Ambiguity and Accelerate Products to Market

    With increasing competition and less frequent divestitures, the pressure is real for companies to deliver in what is inarguably a definitive product market. The marcus evans 7th Product & Pipeline Enhancement for Generics conference will bring…

  6. Jul 29 2014

    5th Digital Pharma West

    Integrating customer centricity, digital innovation and risk balance in an evolved pharma business model through case studies.

    Stay ahead of the curve with the largest, and only, event to truly capture the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the West Coast Life Sciences community. Topics to be covered include: - Social Media, Innovating and Risk Avoidance – Taking…

  7. Jul 30 2014

    2nd Annual Sustaining Effective CAPA Systems

    Developing a Timely and Effective CAPA System to Uphold Quality and Maintain Compliance
    In San Diego, CA (United States)
    Venue: TBD

    Maintaining a robust corrective and preventative action (CAPA) system remains one of the top priorities of medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Not only is such a system needed to keep up with increasing regulatory scrutiny, but the…

  8. Jul 24 2014

    Webinar On User Acceptance Testing

    The process of establishing a computerized system is dependent upon one pivotal role – the User

    Current regulations expect that all users are appropriately trained and that must include being trained how to effectively perform UAT. This course provides an understanding of the role of users in system validation and covers good documentation…

  9. Jul 22 2014

    Webinar On How effective Are Your Pay Programs

    understanding why having effective pay plans is so important to the organization

    This webinar will address why the premise question is so important, the financial and human factor impact of ignorance and why some organizations don't even know how to address the question. Participants will learn what “effective” really means…

  10. Jul 22 2014

    Webinar On Key Factors to Write an Effective Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Work Instructions (WIs)

    how to write, organize, and maintain SOPs and train personnel in a way that will ensure compliance in a way that is concise, reproducible and easy to follow

    This webinar will instruct the participant on how to write, organize, and maintain SOPs and train personnel in a way that will ensure compliance in a way that is concise, reproducible and easy to follow. It will begin with a strategic view…

  11. Jul 17 2014

    2nd Digital Pharma China

    Overcome compliance and risks involved with off-line and in-line promotion through the development of innovative digital tools and multi-channel solutions.

    There has been an increase in the inherent risks involved with marketing and engaging with physicians in China, with various high profile incidents. Digital is becoming the major tool with which to overcome the risks involved and optimize marketing/sales.…

  12. Jul 09 2014

    Infectious Diseases World Summit 2014

    GTC is proud to present its Infectious Diseases World Summit 2014, to be held in Boston, MA on July 9-11, 2014.

    This summit will bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss cutting edge research and new technologies used in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields. It will also give global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies an opportunity…

  13. Jul 10 2014

    An Introduction to Pharmacovigilance

    This course will review the regulatory environment in which you operate and will guide you through the vast number of directives, regulations and guidelines.

    If you need to gain in-depth knowledge on the best way to collect and report adverse events and safety data and manage the risk associated with and risk to your products, then this is the course for you. Its unique format will provide you with…

  14. Jul 09 2014


    As companies look to develop different compounds and antibodies to treat allergies, Allergies 2014 will mark the path forward in terms of allergies.

    The launch event for Allergies is here and will be taking place on 9th July and 10th July 2014 in Central London. The market for Allergies is expected to reach $14.7 billion by 2015. As companies look to develop different compounds and antibodies…

  15. Jul 08 2014

    Biomarkers 2014

    Selectbio, working together with Andreas Jeromin is pleased to announce their collaboration - Biomarkers in CNS Drug Discovery and Development.

    This meeting will highlight current advances in the use of biomarkers in the context of CNS drug discovery and development and highlight strategies for their translation from discovery tolls to clinical diagnostics. This is embedded into the…

  16. Jul 09 2014

    Simulating Clinical Trials Using The FACTS Software Package

    Join SMi's Simulating Clinical Trials Using the FACTS Software Package event on the 9 July in London.
    In London (United Kingdom)

    Medical simulation is no longer an educational afterthought – it's a clinical learning necessity. Simulation adds considerable advantages to the clinical trial design process – using previous research data to its full potential, clarifying…

  17. Jul 09 2014

    Webinar On Good Laboratory Practice Regulations

    This web seminar covers every section of the FDA GLP regulation, offers FDA interpretation and provides an understanding of nonclinical safety research

    This web seminar presents an overview of FDA’s GLP regulation – 21 CFR Part 58. The FDA GLP regulation complies with all GLP requirements globally. This web seminar covers every section of the FDA GLP regulation, offers FDA interpretation and…

  18. Jul 07 2014

    European BioNetworks Summit

    Following on from a portfolio of successful pharmaceutical events, SMi are proud to present their European BioNetworks Summit.

    This important and timely meeting will allow biotech, pharma, academic and funding organisations to evaluate how they partner with other stakeholders in the field to accelerate research and reduce costs. Join us and hear timely case studies,…

  19. Jul 08 2014

    This seminar will walk the attendee through 10 critical steps in the development of perfect Standard Operating Procedures. Step-by-step instructions will be provided, with case studies to emphasize the common mistakes and potential solutions.…

  20. Jul 08 2014

    Webinar On Better Alternatives to Sampling Plans

    of how one OEM manufacturer has implemented "confidence/reliability" calculations instead of AQL sampling plans for all of its clients

    The seminar begins with an examination of ISO and FDA regulations and guidelines regarding the use of statistics, especially in regards to Sampling Plans. The pros and cons of the 2 most widely used sampling plans (ANSI Z1.4, and Squeglia's…


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