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  1. Jun 04 2014

    EU and US Requirements for Pharmaceutical Labelling & Package Leaflets

    This interactive three-day course will clarify the European regulatory requirements for developing labelling and package leaflets.

    In the face of increasing regulatory and consumer demand, the need for accurate and complete product information has never been stronger. This course will provide you with key practical information on devising successful labelling strategies…

  2. Jun 03 2014

    Advanced CMC Analytical, Comparability and Stability Studies for Biotechnology and Biosimilar Products

    This course will teach delegates to improve strategies for complying with complex regulatory guidelines, and to ensure compliance and increase efficiency.

    This class is designed to follow PTI's introductory level course, but may also be taken as a stand-alone class for attendees with experience in aspects of biotechnology. Details will be presented on technical issues in designing and executing…

  3. Jun 02 2014

    How to Develop Stability Indicating HPLC Methods

    How to Develop Stability Indicating HPLC Methods
    In London (United Kingdom)

    Pharmaceuticals need to be assessed for stability to support the assigned shelf life. Therefore, when analysing stability samples obtained from these studies analytical methods are required which are stability indicating, i.e. there is a measureable…

  4. May 30 2014

    Transfer of Analytical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Transfer of Analytical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Transferring an analytical method from one laboratory to another should be straightforward but unfortunately it is a process which is often problematic. Recognition of this has resulted in a new USP chapter and an update to chapter 6 of the…

  5. May 29 2014

    7th Annual Pharmaceutical Law Conference 2014

    Don't miss your opportunity to receive top-quality guidance on the latest legal and regulatory hurdles facing the pharmaceutical industry.

    2014 HIGHLIGHTS . UNIQUE FOCUS SESSIONS: Pharma Law Reform, IP, Competitive Strategies, Industry Transparency . INTERACTIVE DEBATES focused on Sustainable Drug Pricing and Patenting Life Sciences . NEW INTERNATIONAL updates and perspectives…

  6. May 28 2014

    Validation of Analytical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Validation of Analytical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

    The data generated using analytical methods is essential for many of the critical decisions made in the pharmaceutical industry. To be confident in the reliability of this data it is crucial that the methods are fit for purpose. Analytical…

  7. May 29 2014

    Background The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) is an initiative of the major brands in the pharmaceutical sector. PSCI is a group of pharmaceutical companies that share a vision of improved social, economic and environmental outcome…

  8. May 27 2014

    Mastering Regulatory and Development Strategies for Generics

    Gain a strategic insight into requirements for developing generics from a global perspective and an overview of the generics market.

    The majority of all pharmaceutical company revenues now face generic competition. This represents an unprecedented growth in the generics market. With more and more patents expiring since 2006, this global expansion looks set to continue. Bringing…

  9. May 26 2014

    Advanced Regulatory Affairs for Agrochemicals

    This intensive course will challenge participants to build on existing regulatory strategies in order to improve efficiency and shorten timelines.

    Over 3 days this course will educate attendees with the practical knowledge they need to: -Improve the management behind a dossier -Understand what the Regulators want in terms of data -Plan for changing data requirements and consider financial…

  10. May 20 2014

    Biosimilars Asia 2014

    Collaborative Development and Successful Commercialisation

    China remains an attractive destination for MNCs and regional pharma players for biosimilars development. Risks are reduced through strategic alliances and partnerships with local Chinese manufacturers. While partnering with local China companies…

  11. May 21 2014

    World Pharma Congress

    Tackling Translational Challenges

    After spending 12 years in Philadelphia the World Pharma Congress is moving to Boston, which is buzzing with new findings and technologies that can potentially revolutionize the way in which traditional preclinical drug discovery is done. World…

  12. May 22 2014

    Property-Based Drug Design

    Designing the Right Physicochemical and Bio-physical Properties for Improved Developability

    One of the most challenging aspects of drug discovery remaining is the identification of new molecular entities (NMEs) with the desirable physicochemical properties and absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) profiles that…

  13. May 22 2014

    Chemical Biology for Target Validation

    Minimizing Molecular & Biological Attrition by Interrogating Target-Phenotype Relationships

    Small molecule drug discovery has approached a critical junction where the rigorous pre-clinical validation and prioritizing of novel targets is of utmost importance. Challenged with thinning development pipelines and significant losses in…

  14. May 21 2014

    Understanding and Preparing the Quality and Pharmaceutical Module of the Global CTD Dossier

    Become more confident in your daily practices by gaining a deeper understanding of the US and European regulatory requirements for Module 3 (CTD)

    This course will teach you how to: . Build Module 3 (CTD) of the dossier . Know the legal framework and guidelines . Meet the legal responsibilities of the manufacturing authorisation holder . Write the application . Define the impact of the…

  15. May 20 2014

    3rd Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia Conference

    Accelerating your Cell Line Development with Efficacy & Quality

    The 3rd Annual Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia conference aims to provide you with strategies and practical tools to bring your cell line products to market successfully. It brings together experts and top scientists from pharma/biotech…

  16. May 21 2014


    Optimise biosimilar development with latest developments in regulatory, market access, interchangeability and substitution, quality, comparability, analytical

    Brand New for 2014: Twice as much content - New 2-day conference on quality, CMC and analytical development of biosimilars Unpublished data from Sandoz, Teva, Amgen, BIOCAD, Egis Pharmaceuticals and Livzon Mabpharm, Inc Focused conference stream…

  17. May 21 2014

    After more than a decade at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, the successful Mastering Medicinal Chemistry conference is moving to the East Coast. As the must-attend event for senior medicinal chemists, we invite you to join us…

  18. May 21 2014

    Structure-Based Drug Design

    Using Structure and Rational Design to Accelerate Discovery

    Experimental methods such as X-ray crystallography, NMR, and computational chemistry techniques have led to a better understanding and larger knowledge base of 3-dimensional structures and binding events, encouraging rapid development of structure-based…

  19. May 21 2014

    Clinical Trial Logistics

    SMi's Clinical Trial Logistics conference returns, on the 21st and 22nd May 2014 in London, for its 8th year.

    Pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses from across the globe will be meeting to help understand how to negotiate the latest challenges in clinical trial transportation, storage and recruitment in clinical trials. Senior professionals will…

  20. May 20 2014

    GCP and Quality in Clinical Trials

    Informa Life Sciences’ GCP and Quality in Clinical Trials conference has been specifically designed to tackle the current issues that are affecting quality.
    In Koln (Germany)

    As quality management and GCP compliance are being increasingly scrutinised by the regulators, Informa Life Sciences’ GCP and Quality in Clinical Trials conference has been specifically designed to tackle the current issues that are affecting…


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