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  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Custom Recommendations
  • Discounts on Conferences
  • Deals on travel and local attractions
  • The HoundCardSM

Don't Miss Another Conference!

As a "Hound", you can bookmark your must attend events. Ask your boss if you can go. Follow your favorite speakers. Find friends and colleagues who are going. Do competitive research. View videos and presentations. Get discounts on conferences and deals on travel and local attractions with the HoundCardSM


Alerts & Reminders

When you sign up, you'll be able to tell us which industries and cities interest you the most. The Hound will do the work for you and will send you weekly alerts & information for newly listed conferences, industries, cities, and tags. We'll also remind you when it's time to register for your bookmarked conferences.

With The Hound, there's no more missing events because you didn't know about them in advance, or simply forgot.

Keep Up With Your Favorite Speakers

Every industry has its stars, speakers and panels that you've been dying to see. With Conference Hound, you can easily find out when and where they're speaking next, and make your plans to go.

Find Friends & Share With Colleagues

As a "Hound" you will be able to see where your friends, colleagues, and professional contacts will be hitting the conference circuit. Make plans to connect with other Hounds, or meet some new people and grow your network.

Have More Fun

Pssst. You know the secret. Conferences are about way more than what goes on inside the venue. As a "Hound" we'll be telling you where the action is at night, about the best restaurants and shows, and more. We'll also be offering you deals on local attractions from golf courses to concert halls to amusement parks.