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Mark is a founding developer and Chief Architect at RainStor. He was formerly a team leader at QinetiQ in the UK, where he led several government and industry projects in the areas of grid and pervasive computing. Prior to joining QinetiQ, Mark was a senior scientist at the UK Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, where he researched parallel and distributed simulation techniques. Mark holds a Masters in Computing and a PhD in Computational Physics from Newcastle University. He recently led the engineering effort to port RainStor’s big-data database to run natively on the Hadoop platform. Mark is located at RainStor’s HQ in San Francisco, CA.

Chief Architect at RainStor

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  1. Mar 21 2012

    GigaOM Structure:Data 2012

    The Big Picture for Big Data

    As the volume of enterprise data created has moved past terabytes and into the petabyte scale, companies need to determine the best way for them to store, manage and analyze all that information. Are you sitting on unmined gold? GigaOM’s Structure:Data,…

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  • Chief Architect at RainStor
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