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  1. Jul 31 2013

    IDGA’s Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference provides sweeping updates on the vehicle market, industry and community annually. MVEC is one of the of the largest vehicles shows in the United States, previously bringing together…

  2. Jul 29 2013

    This year’s Night Vision event will focus on the latest technological advancements in military grade night vision systems and sensors to maintain a competitive edge on the battlefield. In addition, it will help you discover how the night…

  3. Jun 24 2013

    IDGA’s Cyber Defense and Network Security Summit takes place just as the White House puts the finishing touches on the 2013 cybersecurity executive order and lays out the strategies and initiatives for the upcoming decade. Speakers from…

  4. Jun 18 2013

    Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo

    In Fort Bragg, NC (United States)
    Industry: Military
    Organizer: IDGA

    Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo - June 18-20, 2013 Fort Bragg, NC Get hands-on experience with an expansive array of advanced operational and tactical gear, participate in product demonstrations, and provide feedback to companies producing…

  5. Oct 15 2012

    Now in its 2nd year, the Border Management Conference & Technology Expo is the largest growing event for discussions on effective practices and technologies needed to ensure our borders are safe from recent security threats. What makes IDGA’s…

  6. Oct 02 2012

    The Military Equipment and Technology Expo will provide insight into the immediate needs of the Warfighter, providing a forum for military, academia and industry to jointly strategize to ascertain ways to ensure Warfighters have the tools to…

  7. Aug 27 2012

    This August military robotics experts will present the latest advancements in the form of case studies, panel discussions and much more at IDGA’s Military Robotics Summit. It will focus on understanding technical capabilities and overcoming…

  8. Aug 21 2012

    Biometrics is a key facet of our nation’s law enforcement, intelligence and security efforts. As the application of biometrics has advanced in different fields and industries, the potential for biometrics technologies in law enforcement and…

  9. Aug 20 2012

    IDGA’s Non-Lethal Weapons Summit taking place August 2012 will examine current and advanced technologies, operational and tactical efforts, requirements, legal and public acceptance, and the effects of non-lethal weapons on their targets. Keynote…

  10. Aug 06 2012

    Soldier Equipment Expo is coming to Fort Bragg August 6-9, 2012. Gain second-to-none exposure to top level military leaders at the point in time when they are seeking systems, information and solutions for improving soldier performance and…

  11. Jul 23 2012

    In the past six years, IDGA’s Night Vision Systems has become the premier annual event of the military Night Vision community. Why? The conference brings together major stakeholders from DoD, industry, labs, and academia to discuss the state…

  12. Jul 10 2012

    Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference

    Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference: Strengthening strategic partnerships across the globe
    Industry: Military
    Organizer: IDGA

    Ranked as the 14th fastest-growing trade show by Trade Show Executive's Directory of the 50 Fastest-Growing Trade Shows, Military Vehicles Exhibition and Conference 2011 had over 250 exhibiting companies covering 35,000 net square feet. For…

  13. Jun 25 2012

    The Cyber Warfare & Security Summit 2012 will discuss the newest developments within the cyber warfare domain, new technologies on how to identify and counterattack hackers and how a perfect cyber warrior should look like. The event will also…

  14. May 21 2012

    Amphibious Operations

    Forging the Path Ahead for the Expeditionary and Amphibious Forces

    The mission of IDGA’s Amphibious Operations Summit is to bring together the thought-leaders involved in Amphibious Operations strategy, planning and tactics to discuss its role in an evolving world stage and a challenging budget environment.

  15. May 21 2012

    Social Media for Defense

    Enhancing Communication Capabilities and Security

    IDGA’s 5th Social Media for Defense Summit addresses how the nature of combat operations has reshaped the way the military and government use social media. Also discussed: How to improve communication among the DoD and their families, with…

  16. May 21 2012

    Data Center Consolidation

    Tackling the Revolutionary Challenges Facing the IT Community in Data Center Consolidation
    In Arlington, VA
    Industry: Military
    Organizer: IDGA

    IDGA's Data Center Consolidation Conference is your opportunity to ascertain the direction of current and future efforts in consolidation and optimization of data center resources. Now more than ever organizations need consistent definitions…

  17. Apr 30 2012

    The conclusion of active operations in the Middle East calls into question the ongoing threat from radical extremism and the other threats faced by the United States. As the Maritime Community continues to define priorities, build partnerships…

  18. Apr 23 2012

    Non Traditional ISR

    Expanding the Military's Intelligence Gathering Capabilities
    In Alexandria, VA (United States)
    Industry: Military
    Organizer: IDGA

    IDGA’s ISR Summit brings together representatives from ISR programs across the DoD and federal government to discuss commonalities, differences, and the path to creating and implementing interoperable architectures that promote efficiency…

  19. Apr 23 2012

    Tactical Vehicles

    Transforming the Fleet for New Missions Ahead
    In Alexandria, VA (United States)
    Industry: Military
    Organizer: IDGA

    This year’s event will focus on the challenges ahead for the JLTV, MRAP, HMMWV ECV and MTVR/LVSR, including what will be done in the coming year to address the shifting priorities and vehicle requirements in OCOs. The drawdown in Iraq and…

  20. Apr 23 2012

    IDGA's 3rd Annual Non-Traditional ISR Summit will provide the most up-to-date information on the latest NTISR advancements in technologies and lessons learned from recent efforts and aircraft enhancements. This event will take a closer look…

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