Feather Flags, o2o advertising

Nearly a period of time, there has been a breakdown of O2O enterprises, not just a single company’s collapse, but a series of enterprises a large number of deaths. Cheap Custom Feather Flags – EFQUEL advertising are widely considered as a highly cost effective advertising solution to rescue a business. For example, do a farmland O2O field, do community O2O jingle community, do travel O2O hiking dog travel, do education O2O 36 classroom, as well as provide car washing service car 8, etc., can be said that the domestic O2O enterprises Majestic one.

Domestic O2O start-up company surging tide, foreign situation is not where to go, even the originator of domestic O2O Ou – Houjoy also announced recently to stop the service, this home has been favored by the outside world, known as “Star of the Day” Of the company, so suddenly die a natural death, to the domestic O2O entrepreneurs brought no small impact. Read more

Double Sided Feather Banners : 2017

The smartest Double Sided Feather Banners advertising in 2017 – the Wang Po marketing competition. Well, read the trouble, we take a look at the real master competition, Vanke and the Department of Po-series equity dispute, first Po can be quietly three consecutive placards, Vanke one in one fell swoop Shareholders, and a big bang to win the meaning of Vanke. Wang Shi anxious, and cannot Yeah, what stuff, you are selling a fritters born dare glorious day under the snake like, I am so a hundred billion enterprises can hand over, and still would not be proud to commit the success. Purchase Double Sided Feather Banners -20% FREE Ship USA! EFQUEL to run your own advertising campaign in 2017.

In fact, Po can early to say that their weight, spare enough of the money, did not figure out the situation is actually Wang Shi, are knives on the neck is still studying how to do Pork. The results of anxious Wang Shi found himself in addition to anxious eyes, there is no hand to play, can only play moral, love card, anxious panic around the whistle, move the soldiers, but also on the treasure can be groveling, then is suspended, and then stop the card. Look at it, strokes are weak, compromise, confined to the space is no longer unfolded. Read more