Feather Flags, o2o advertising

Nearly a period of time, there has been a breakdown of O2O enterprises, not just a single company’s collapse, but a series of enterprises a large number of deaths. Cheap Custom Feather Flags – EFQUEL advertising are widely considered as a highly cost effective advertising solution to rescue a business. For example, do a farmland O2O field, do community O2O jingle community, do travel O2O hiking dog travel, do education O2O 36 classroom, as well as provide car washing service car 8, etc., can be said that the domestic O2O enterprises Majestic one.

Domestic O2O start-up company surging tide, foreign situation is not where to go, even the originator of domestic O2O Ou – Houjoy also announced recently to stop the service, this home has been favored by the outside world, known as “Star of the Day” Of the company, so suddenly die a natural death, to the domestic O2O entrepreneurs brought no small impact.

O2O enterprises a large number of reasons for closure

Many people think that these O2O companies are dead in the capital chain break, but this is not the reason, but the result, I think, O2O business a large number of failures, for three reasons:

1. Cheap Feather Flags advertising not adopted

Many O2O project entrepreneurs, the original are from the Internet company out of the technical staff, can not say that they are all “ears do not hear out of the window, as one process only ape” technology house, but there is a basic fact, everyone Do not deny that it is: many of them, the Cheap Feather Flags advertising of this matter does not lack enough thinking, many entrepreneurs think I just do a good job, no worries no users, but the reality is not the case.

For example, the wedding O2O’s cool network, its founder itself is the Internet company to do the technical background, at the beginning of the venture, there is no good Feather Flag advertising program planned, and finally in the burning money, tragic out. Because the wedding industry, is a typical low-frequency industry, simply not form a consumer sticky, and consumer habits, nor is you in the short term education, which led to a lot of this O2O wedding platform, profit In the foreseeable future, basically in the linger. Wholesale Source of Cheap Custom Feather Flags – eyeBanner.

2. Insufficient Feather Flags used

Feather Flags quantity is not set up enough in an advertising campaign. A lot of technical origin of the founder, to do O2O project, by reason, is not the lack of traffic, they are familiar with a variety of SEO technology, know how to use a variety of Internet tools drainage, even within the enterprise, there will be a team dedicated to traffic. But on this issue, the Internet “Matthew effect” once again revealed.

Some large platforms or giants, such as WeChat, Taobao, etc., with a large number of users occupy the entrance, a “traffic black hole”, so that the already scarce traffic resources, become increasingly scarce, so O2O enterprises to promote the high cost No less than

For example, 91 foreign teachers, 36 classrooms, housing network, pocket travel, all because they cannot afford the flow and have fallen. By the beginning of 2015, the merger of fast and bitter, to a large extent, is also cost-conscious, because if you continue to burn down, both sides will inevitably fall into a predicament.

3. Logistics cost for distributing the Feather Flags are too high

Some of the founders of the O2O project, at the beginning of the business, did not take into account the cost of distribution of the Feather Flags as a factor. In fact, with the development of Chinese society, the past few years the domestic labor costs have been rising, and distribution is a typical “labor-intensive Type “business, for some need to come to the O2O project, it has become” the last straw to crush the camel. ”

For example, to do a kilometer to send books on the door of the “quick bag”, a book of gross profit only 2-5 yuan, but to send a book, often spend twenty or thirty dollars – distribution costs are too high! “Quick bag” founder later revealed that their distribution costs, to account for the entire operating costs of 70% -80%, which for the start-up companies, too heavy! Because you are not Jingdong, not so many categories to send, the meager profits have been artificial and self-built warehouse costs to eat, it reminds me of the famous “Okamor razor law”: If unnecessary, Do not increase the entity.  Interesting reading on Feather Flags usage in community.